Hosted PBX

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One of the latest spin offs of business VoIP technology is the Hosted PBX.  This technology allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the heavy investment in the equipment.  The whole telephone system is operated and maintained by LightStream™.  A Hosted PBX allows employees to work not only at the office, but at home or on a cell while still being connected to the office telephone system.  You can still transfer calls, play hold music, or establish a conference call.


There are a number of benefits in using a Hosted PBX versus a traditional telephone service.

  • Cost Savings: You don’t need a large upfront investment to purchase the equipment or house it.  With a Hosted PBX, LightStream™ operates and maintains the system.
  • Flexibility: Employees can work anywhere not just at the office.
  • Quick Setup/Ease of Use: A Hosted PBX can be up and running fast and is far more user-friendly than a traditional system.


LightStream™ will be offering this service in the very near future. Contact our office to be put on the list for this faster, smarter, affordable service.