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in parts of Buffalo and Pulaski

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We are upgrading our network in parts of Buffalo and Pulaski to the best technology available – fiber optic cable! If you have personal buried facilities in your yard (e.g, electric invisible fence or an irrigation system), please notify us immediately at 574-278-7121. Our new and upgraded services are now available! Please update your contact information and pick the plan you would like once we complete the upgrade. You may also call us at 574-278-7121 with any questions.

Please complete the form below to upgrade to our faster fiber optic network Internet service and let the LightStream™ in!




If your account currently has special or additional monthly charges like Inside Wire Maintenance, additional phone lines, specialty calling features, equipment rental, advertising, etc., we will continue to bill you for those items at the current rate. If you would like a review of your account, please call a sales and support specialist at 574-278-7121 and we would be happy to find the best plan for you and to answer any questions.

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