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Q: What is fiber optics?
A: Fiber optic cable is made up of thin strands of glass that carry information by transmitting pulses of light. An all-fiber network offers far more bandwidth, reliability, flexibility, security and longer economic life than copper, even though its price is comparable. Fiber can handle any bandwidth demand with ease. In fact, one bundle of fiber cable can carry all of the world’s current communications traffic.

Q: What is bandwidth?
A: Bandwidth is the ability to carry information. The more bandwidth a network has, the more information it can carry. Networks with high bandwidth also tend to be more reliable because fewer bottlenecks disturb the flow of information.

Q: How much bandwidth do we need?
A: The amount of bandwidth we need grows every year. The biggest growth has been for video – traditional TV, Internet-based video streaming, and video communications (Skype). This trend is expected to continue at least for the rest of this decade. Video requires not only extra bandwidth but also extra reliability. The smallest delay in data transmission can result in distorted views.

Q: How much will installing fiber to my home cost?
A: Nothing! As part of our initial rollout, we are offering free fiber installation and connection to our all-fiber network.

Q: All providers seem to claim they have fiber networks. What’s different about yours?
A: Don’t be fooled! It is true that most cable and DSL networks use some fiber. In these networks, the fiber carries the signal close enough to businesses and homes so that copper can carry it the rest of the way. The available bandwidth is far less than an all-fiber network.

Q: Will getting fiber installed to my home tear up my yard?
A: It is our policy and practice that any damage is restored to its original condition.

Q: What services does LightStream™ offer?
A: Over our fiber optic network we offer very high-speed internet. Very soon you’ll also be able to receive digital voice. We are working to bring you video (television), too! We also offer long distance, computer repair, and more!

Q: When is fiber coming to my neighborhood?
A: That’s a good question! Right now, LightStream™ is engineering a new communications network in phases. Check back on our website for updates or call us at 574-278-7121.

Q: How will I know when fiber optics is available to my property?
A: As LightStream™ moves into a neighborhood to build fiber optics, we will go door-to-door on foot and also send direct mail to the effected properties. If you think you’ve been missed, please contact us.

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