Site Survey

Here’s what you can expect once you sign up to receive connectivity to the new fiber optic network. In order to prepare your property to connect to the new fiber optic cables, LightStream™ has contracted with Finley Engineering company, Inc. to perform a site survey of your property.

The purpose of an appointment with a Finley representative is to:

1) Determine the location for the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on the side of the house.
2) Survey your yard to determine the new drop cable route.

The appointment with the property owner will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes and will include surveying the outside of the premise (for the new drop cable route and to mount the ONT on the house).

1) Locating the ONT: The location of the ONT will usually be on the exterior of the premise next to the electrical power entrance to comply with the National Electric Code and to utilize the power ground wire. In order to utilize the existing telephone wiring in the house, we prefer to mount the ONT at the same location as the existing Network Interface Device (NID). If we cannot mount the ONT at the same location as the NID, we will have to run a cable between the existing wiring and the new ONT. The exact location of the ONT on the premise will be determined at the time of the appointment. Mounting the ONT inside the house is also an option if the system will also support a security system. The ONT will be installed during this session to prepare the house for the main cable construction to take place in the coming construction season.

2) Survey the yard: Once the location of the ONT on the premise has been determined, a route for the new fiber optic drop from the fiber pedestal to the ONT can be completed. During the appointment, we will be asking the property owner the locations of private electrical wires, drain tiles, sprinkler system, outdoor furnace lines, propane lines, underground pet fences, or any other items that may impact the installation of the new fiber optic cable. We will draw a detailed sketch of the property showing all existing items along the route and draw the route of the new cable.

All Finley representatives are required to display their Identification Badges while working. If you have questions as to who they are or would like to verify their identity, please contact us.

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