Gigabit Internet Available for Buffalo, Monticello, Pulaski, Star City and Winamac

The landscape of broadband Internet has changed dramatically. An increase in connected devices, streaming video services, and number of users has resulted in a need for more bandwidth. LightStream is excited to deliver faster Internet speeds to our fiber communities in Buffalo, Monticello, Pulaski, Star City, and Winamac.
Effective August 1, residential customers have been converted to our new plans:

  • Starter:             100 Mbps
  • Family:             500 Mbps
  • Gigabit:            1,000 Mbps

Business customers will be contacted over the coming months to discuss what is best for their organization and will have an additional option of 25 Mbps.

Why the faster speeds?

In order to capture the needs of today, as well as tomorrow, our fiber-optic network is being maximized at up to gigabit speeds, or 1000 Mbps. More users and devices require faster speeds to function properly without buffering. A network runs better when its traffic moves faster, and our fiber is the most reliable connection in town.

What else? Introducing Managed WiFi.

Our new Managed WiFi offering is a powerful service that provides superior WiFi performance and coverage throughout your home. Research shows that too many broadband customers experience WiFi issues. Our new GigaCenter provides expansive WiFi coverage and intelligent adaptability, with complete remote management.

LightStream’s Managed WiFi also comes with a service guarantee that includes:

  • Free service calls
  • Free diagnosis
  • Professional router installation
  • Optimal Internet speeds
  • Cloud support

Our Managed WiFi plan is designed to improve your customer experience so you can focus on what you want to do – enjoy the Internet! Our mesh network ensures that you get the highest quality connection throughout your entire home for just $12/month. If you have a trouble area – like a basement, upstairs room, or porch – then adding an Access Point extends your WiFi coverage for $5/month.

About LightStream

Headquartered in Buffalo, IN, Pulaski White Rural Telephone Cooperative (d/b/a LightStream) has been providing telecommunications services in the greater Buffalo, Pulaski and Star City areas since 1954. LightStream provides high-speed Internet, TV, and voice services to approximately 2,400 customers. LightStream is focused on expanding its fiber-optic network to ensure greater northern Indiana enjoys advanced communications services on par with major metropolitan areas at reasonable prices.